Although we’re still “closed”, the greenhouses will start waking up in a couple of weeks.

Our orders are all in and non-plant supplies are already arriving. Certainly looks like “mud season” in our yard.


Although the nursery & greenhouses are not open, you can reach us by phone: 603-543-0384 or email:


 Hope everyone had an “easy” winter.

Already looking forward to warmer weather.



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 The nursery and greenhouses are closed until early April, dependent on how the spring arrives. We will start up the greenhouses in March – seeding and small plants. The nursery will be set up as soon as the frozen ground lets us move plants, probably in early April.  








 We hope that 2024 will bring more people interested in getting their hands dirty as well as learning about growing and taking care of shrubs and trees. Like many businesses, we are missing “good” workers to help us with our activities this year. 

Again, like other businesses, we are making necessary adjustments and will push on. The phone and emails are already active with customers so we’re very optimistic and we’re ready to go to work !!




Water Works

 We’ve been involved with many water projects including large ponds, back yard reflection pools, pondless waterfalls, and even interior pools. Water features give hours of enjoyment and adds another dimension to your yard.

We also have water lilies available at the nursery.


Invasive Plant and Insect Control

We are surrounded by plants that are not native to our area. Many of these plants are considered invasive and have become a serious problem for all of us. Invasive insects are also on the rise and even invasive worms. These “snake worms” are here to stay and we need to learn to manage them. To date, there are no “wormicides”(a made-up name) to control them. We encounter them about every where we go already.

 We also can help you control insects, scales and fungi attacking your plants, native and non-native issues.

Forestry and Arboriculture

We no longer do forest management plans for current use as we’ve had to focus on other aspects of our business.  We do however, take care for shade trees and small tracts of forests. Basically “Urban Forestry”.

Plant care involves pruning, fertilizing, pest control, soil amendments, and other treatments of shrubs and trees. If your tree or shrub is in poor soil, we can remove that soil with our air spade and replace it with good amended soil with out harming the tree. Your plant’s health will improve.

The use of specialized fertilizers at appropriate times will help tree defenses against pests. Currently this is one of the best treatments against the new Beech Leaf Disease coming our way soon.


Christmas Trees

Christmas Season

Our Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving.  We’ll have wreaths, roping, sprays, swags and trees for sale. Many of the products are made by us here at the greenhouses.  Our Christmas trees are grown by us just a few miles from here – mostly Fraser Fir. We close when all our products are gone, usually with in two weeks, so please shop early.

Many customers call in their orders before Thanksgiving.