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New insects and diseases will be playing a bigger roll in the future – stay vigilant and check your plants.

The current topic is invasive earthworms. We always thought earthworms were good, well not always. One example are called “snake worms”. For more information, you can goggle it. 

 For those new to the area, April is too early to plant annuals and tender perennials outside. Maybe mid-May but check the long range weather forecast before you plant! We have had killing frosts in late May & early June in this area.


PEST ALERT:  Check your plants for pests. I have customers with magnolias that had magnolia scale last year. The scale had been there for years, unnoticed. It pays to carefully look over all your plants for leaf damage, borer damage or other suspicious signs of feeding. Learn to look closer for signs and symptoms of potential serious future issues. We are available if you need help. New pests are on their way! Another example is the ‘Spotted Lanternfly’ now in Penn. and spreading further every year.