Greenhouse / Nursery

New insects and diseases will be playing a bigger roll in the future – stay vigilant and check your plants.

 We think earthworms are good, well, they generally are. However we have new, invasive earthworms called “snake worms”. They live near the soil surface and rapidly process the organic materials and deplete the soil of nutrients. They multiply quickly and can be overwhelming. We find them just about every place we go.  For more information, you can goggle it. 

 For those new to the area, April is generally too early to put plants out due to possible frost and the cold soil – below 55 degrees. With the changing climate we don’t know if May is safe yet or not. ?? Your decision.


PEST ALERT:  Just found in New Hampshire – Beech Leaf Disease. It can seriously affect our American Beech, the European and oriental Beech and has the ability to kill them.